Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hong Kong with Children - Hong Kong Park, The Peak, Tai Yuen Street (Toy Street), Calbee Plus

On our fourth day in Hong Kong in December 2016, we explored the northern part of Hong Kong Island. If you have been following our blog, you would know that I have an obsession on slides - I worked very hard on finding child-friendly accommodations with slides for our Taiwan trip, and playgrounds with long slides for our Okinawa (Japan) trip. However, when I did my homework on Hong Kong playgrounds, I was quite disappointed that I couldn't find any interesting ones, perhaps my expectation becomes higher after we visited the 90-metre long slide in Okinawa. Just a few weeks before our visit, I found that an interesting slide at Hong Kong Park was re-built and re-opened in November 2016! It was timely for us to try out the new slide!

In what ways was this slide interesting? There were transparent segments! One thing to take note when you are bringing your children there - remind them to bend their knees as they approach the bottom of the slide! Pei Pei forgot about it, and she slid so fast that I could not catch her at the bottom of the slide, and she fell on the floor. Fortunately, there was padding on the ground.

Other than the slide, there were other play areas and sand playground.

Well, while the playground was the main reason why we visited Hong Kong Park, I would say that Hong Kong Park is a great place to visit, because it offers a totally different feeling to the visitors in Hong Kong's urban setting. It was very relaxing to take a stroll in the park.

Getting to Hong Kong Park is very easy, just take MTR to Admiralty Station, from exit C1, go up the escalator next to the exit, walk across the overhead bridge to Pacific Place, follow the signs and go up the escalator, then cross a small road to reach there. 

After having fun in the playground, I noticed a sign "Peak Tram Lower Terminus", and realised that we were just a short distance away from it. Initially, I didn't plan to visit The Peak, because we experienced the horrible crowd N years ago before we have children. Out of curiosity, we walked towards Peak Tram Lower Terminus to take a look. It was a weekday 10+ a.m. when we were there, the queue was not very long! So we decided to have an impromptu visit to The Peak!

It was the children's first time taking the peak tram, they were amazed by the steepness of the slope as the peak tram travelled up and down the hill!

We were thankful that the weather was nice, the sky was quite clear.

It became more hazy after lunch, and when we took the peak tram back to Peak Tram Lower Terminus, it was very crowded!

We walked to Central MTR Station, and took MTR to the next station Wan Chai. We had 2 missions - to buy toys and eat Calbee freshly made potato chips!

To be honest, after visiting Sham Shui Po, I don't quite understand why Tai Yuen Street is called Toy Street, because there are only a few toy shops. What are the difference between the toys sold at Tai Yuen Street and Sham Shui Po? Those at Tai Yuen Street are mainly original, on the other hand, there are quite a lot of imitations at Sham Shui Po. Of course, it means that the toys at Tai Yuen Street are generally more expensive than those in Sham Shui Po. Anyway, some toys at Tai Yuen Street are still cheaper than those in Singapore!

Guess what, I bought a Tomica car, while the children bought nothing at all because those that caught their eyes exceeded the budget that we gave them.

Somehow we got lost for a short while when we were trying to locate Calbee Plus. It was actually a small part of Okashi Galleria, a chain shops that sell Japanese snacks.

At HKD45, the price was a bit steep for this original potato chips with chocolate sauce and soft ice-cream. The ice-cream was delicious!

Within a day, we experienced different aspects of Hong Kong!

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Hong Kong with Children - Hong Kong Science Museum

The children have been exposed to science activities since they were 4-5 years old (read about our home-learning science activities). Now they have developed more interest in science, and they enjoy watching videos on science experiment, and conduct simple science activities with materials that we have at home. So when we were planning our itinerary to Hong Kong in December 2016, we decided to visit Hong Kong Science Museum!

We actually spent a few hours at Hong Kong Science Museum, because there were so many hands-on activities! Let us share with you some of the exhibition areas that the children love!

Children Gallery (Ground floor)
Currently, Children Gallery is located in a small area at the Ground floor. A new one will be opened at 3rd floor in year 2017. Our children were amazed that the ball dancing in mid-air! They were also fascinated by the "Cloud Ring" exhibit, which they pressed down a panel to produce rings of cloud.

Lift Sciences (Ground floor)
We were greeted by Lufengosaurus magnus!

What is your reaction time? We challenged one another, and unfortunately, I lost to my children!

Light & World of Mirrors (Ground floor)
It was fun to take photos in front of different types of mirrors! The children also built their very own periscope after they learnt about reflection of light.

E&M Gallery (1st floor)
The children learnt about the concepts of electricity and magnetism through reading the instructions and perform simple experiment, and then by observation. It was an engaging way for children to learn, rather than just reading the facts from a poster.

Mathematics (1st floor)
We challenged ourselves with many brain teasers! Some of them were so challenging that I had to take a peek at the solution to solve the problem!

Food Science (2nd floor)
Let's choose a balanced diet! There was a cycling machine to show us how long we had to cycle after eating a certain type of food!

Transportation (2nd floor)
How to get to Hong Kong Science Museum by car? Our children drove a racing car, but could not accelerate often because of the heavy traffic jam! The video of the simulator looked like it was produced long long time ago, however, our children still love this exhibit most!

Energy Machine (from Ground floor to 2nd floor)
Have you heard of Rube Goldberg machine? It is basically a chain reaction of machines to perform a task. We made a simple Rube Goldberb machine at home some time ago! But this one at Hong Kong Science Museum is gigantic - it is 22-metre tall! We were totally amazed by the complexity of this energy machine. We also had to go from 2nd floor all the way down to the Ground floor by escalator to follow the movement of the balls!

T-rex Revealed - the Augmented + Virtual Reality Experience (2 December 2016 - 1 March 2017)
During our visit in December 2016, there was a special exhibition on T-rex. This was an entirely virtual experience using augmented reality technology. Tablets were provided for the visual impact and earphones for the audio.

The children had a great work-out in Jurassic period - they were chasing after the dinosaurs, not the other way round!

Our Thoughts about Hong Kong Science Museum
For many visitors to Hong Kong, they may not have considered visiting Hong Kong Science Museum. However, we feel that it is a gem for us, because our focus on family travel is experiential learning. It is truly a great learning experience for the children and adults!

Hong Kong Science Museum
Address: 2 Science Museum Road, Tsimshatsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong
How to get there:
  • Tsim Sha Tsui Station (B2 Exit), walk about 18 minutes along Cameron Road towards the direction of Tsim Sha Tsui East, or
  • Hung Hom MTR Station, walk about 15 minutes along the footbridge towards the direction of Tsim Sha Tsui East.

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Friday, January 27, 2017

3M Polarizing Light LED P1610 - Reasons for Loving it!

[Sponsored Review]

As our children are now in primary school, they spend more of their time to do their homework and read, therefore it is important to ensure that there is sufficient lighting to protect their eyesight. We are thankful to receive 3M Polarizing Light LED P1610 for use and review!

image source: 3M

When I took 3M Polarizing Light LED P1610 out from the packaging, I immediately fell in love with its modern and minimalist design. The stylish design blends perfectly with our house decor.

The minimalist design does not have any protruding buttons. Instead, it has three touch buttons strategically located on the base. The selection LED brightness and colour temperature can be done easily by tapping the touch buttons gently.

The lamp is so light that our children can bring it in and out of their study room, this provides flexibility to where they want to read their books. On top of portability, the free angle control makes it easy to adjust the lamp position. One word to describe the physical design of 3M Polarizing Light LED P1610 - flexible!

I recalled how irritated I felt when a light source cast multiple shadows on the book that I was reading. We do not face such problem with 3M Polarizing Light LED P1610, thanks to 3M air-guide technology, which eliminates multiple shadows. In addition, 3M Polarizing Filter reduces glare effectively, it makes reading more comfortable.

Another interesting feature of this lamp is the availability of 5 different colour temperature, we can choose our preferred ambience. Let us show you how 2 of the colour temperature look like by placing a book to illustrate the difference:

Cool white - bright and cool

Warm white - intimate and personal

Our verdict of 3M Polarizing Light LED P1610? Overall, we are impressed by its performance and design. Our eyesight is precious, in addition to having good eye care habits, it is also worthwhile to get a good task lamp like 3M Polarizing Light LED P1610 to protect our eyes!

Disclaimer: We received a 3M Polarizing Light LED P1610 for review purpose. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions and photos are mine, unless otherwise stated. 

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