Sunday, August 27, 2017

Japan Travel with Children 8D7N Itinerary (Kyushu + Shimonoseki)

During June holiday in 2017, many of our friends travelled to Japan too, they travelled to places like Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hokkaido, so I thought that not many Singaporeans would consider Kyushu when they plan a trip to Japan. Who knows, DaDi met his ex-colleague in a restaurant, and then we met some Singaporeans on our second last day in Kyushu. So it seems that actually Kyushu has become one of the favourite places in Japan that Singaporeans would visit!

As compared to Okinawa (read our Okinawa travelogue here), Kyushu is easier to go around with public transport.

Check out our 8 tips for Japan Kyushu railway trip with children!

p.s. We will continue to update this blog post as we complete the separate posts on each of the places. Stay tuned!

Day 1 Fukuoka (福岡)
  • Lunch: McDonald's at JR Hakata City
  • Uminonakamichi Park
  • Dinner: Ikkousha (博多一幸舎) at JR Hakata City
  • Stay: Toyoko Inn Hakata-guchi Ekimae

Day 2 Fukuoka (福岡)

Day 3 Fukuoka (福岡) - Kumamoto (熊本) - Fukuoka (福岡)

Day 4 Fukuoka (福岡) - Yufuin (由布院) - Beppu (別府)
  • Sightseeing train: Yufu no Mori (由布院の森)
  • Hot Spring at Musouen (山のホテル夢想園)
  • Lake Kinrin (金鱗湖)
  • Yunotsubo Kaidou (湯の坪街道)
  • Dinner: Bungo Chaya (豊後茶屋) at Beppu Station
  • Stay: Beppu Nogamihonkan Ryokan

Day 5 Oita (大分)
  • Harmonyland (ハーモニーランド)
  • Hiji Town Library
  • Dinner: Bungo Chaya (豊後茶屋) at Beppu Station
  • Stay: Beppu Nogamihonkan Ryokan

Day 6 Oita (大分) - Fukuoka (福岡)
  • African Safari (アフリカサファリ)
  • Dinner: Yoshinoya at JR Hakata City
  • Stay: Toyoko Inn Hakata-guchi Ekimae

Day 7 Fukuoka (福岡) - Mojiko (門司港) - Shimonoseki (下関) - Fukuoka (福岡)
  • Mojiko (門司港)
  • Karato Market (唐戸市場)
  • Sightseeing train: Mojiko Retro Train Shiokaze-Go (潮風号)
  • Kyushu Railway Histroy Museum
  • Lunch: Ousamanotamago (王様のたまご) - Grilled curry rice
  • Sightseeing train: Azo Boy! (あそぼーい!)
  • Dinner: Tanya (たんや)
  • Stay: Toyoko Inn Hakata-guchi Ekimae

Day 8
  • Home sweet home

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  1. Hi, thanks for sharing your itinerary. I am currently planning out mine. May I ask which ryokans/accomodations in Yufuin/Beppu did you stay at? Or do you have any recommendations?
    Is it difficult to get to Harmonyland by public transport? I read somewhere that the last bus from Harmonyland to the nearest JR Station is before the night fireworks and there isn't any taxis waiting out front after the fireworks. Did u stay for the fireworks and managed to get transport back to the station? Sorry for asking so many questions. Can't seem to find much info online. Thanks a lot in advance! :)

    1. Hi, we stayed at Nogamihonkan Ryokan at Beppu. I found it value for money, we only spent about 9900+ yen per night for our family of 2 adults and 2 children. This is so much cheaper than accommodations in Yufuin.
      For Harmonyland, we didn't get to watch the fireworks as this was not available on the day that we visited. The last bus from Harmonyland departs at 4.42pm on weekdays and 5.05pm on weekends (, therefore it would be advisable to drive, or call a taxi.