Friday, July 4, 2008

BB's Arrival

This is my labour story:

1040 pm:
My parents-in-law fetched us to Thomson Medical Centre. Went into the observation room, where the monitoring devices for my contraction and BB's heartbeat were put on my tummy. BB's heartbeat sounds like horse-racing. Dear did the registration for me while I was in the observation room.

Doc arrived, and inserted the induction pill for me. Rested in the observation room for 1 hour. Felt fine then.

Next day 12+am:
Transfered to the ward to sleep, but Dear was not allowed to stay with me.

2 - 6am:
Tummy started to cramp, but still bearable. I couldn't sleep well, think maybe because of the cramp and also very nervous.

As breakfast officially started at 7am and I gotta go back to the observation room, I was given only 2 pieces of bread and a cup of milo 

The nurse gave me medicine to do "big biz", I also showered. Doc came and burst my water bag. He said the dilation was 2 cm, and estimated that I could give birth at around 1-3 pm. Then was transferred to the delivery room.

Contraction was getting stronger and stronger, though the duration was about 5-10 seconds and still bearable, I thought that if later it got more frequent and the duration became longer, thinking that my pain threshold is very low, I sure couldn't take it, and I should conserve my energy for the labour. So when the nurse asked me what if I needed painkiller, I requested epidural. The nurse arranged an anesthetist and asked me to sign the consent form.

The anesthetist came, asked me to curl my legs up, injected a jab of local anethetic, put the epidural needle. All were done within 5-10 min. It was not as painful as I thought! The effect kicked in shortly, and made me shiver for 10 - 15 min. The first time I was "hooked" up by so many things - drip on left hand, blood pressure band on right arm, epidural tube at the back and urinary catheter.

9am - 1pm:
Didn't feel pain, but a little discomfort with the numbness in my legs. Couldn't really sleep as felt more and more nervous.

1pm: The nurse checked that the dilation was about 8 - 9 cm!

Doc came, checked that the dilation was 10 cm, said I could start to give birth! Suddenly I started to shiver again!! Very funny that Doc left after he said this. The nurse "transformed" the bed into delivery chair, and together with Dear, they helped me to lift up my legs, which couldn't move due to numbness. She monitored the contraction index and asked me to breath in and push when the peak came. Though the dosage of epidural was reduced, I still couldn't feel where to push!!! Pushed until my face was like twisted and turned red, but the progress was slow. Finally Doc came back, I continued to push for many times until Doc said BB's heartbeat was dropping! I was very worried and tried to push harder. Suddenly Doc did something and BB was out at 220pm, Dear cut the umbilical cord and BB was put on my chest! Doc actually used vacuum cup to take out BB. Dear was tearing with joy but I was a bit "stunned". BB's crying was strong and loud!!! Doc did the stitching for me while the nurse cleaned up BB and measured her vital statistics.

After more than 20 min then I suddenly burst out in tears, I was very touched that BB has arrived!!!


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