Saturday, September 12, 2009

小B's Arrival

4 pm:
We arrived at Thomson Medical Centre. After the registration, the staff brought us to the observation room.

5 pm:
The midwife put the devices for detecting baby's heartbeat and level of contraction on my tummy, and gave me the induction pill. Contraction started shortly after that, but still bearable.

630 pm:
The nurse sent me to the ward to have dinner and rest. The contraction became more frequent and intense.

830 pm:
The nurse sent me back to the observation room, then the midwife gave me medicine to clear bowel, and I had a shower. I was then put on drip. The contraction became stronger. I didn't expect the pain would start so early and become so painful in such a short time, because my first delivery took 14 hours, and it wasn't so painful. Think it is true that second delivery is much faster!

930 pm:
Doc arrived. He had 7 patients including me! He broke my water bag and I asked for epidural. The contraction came very frequent and became super painful.

10 pm+:
The midwife told the anaesthetist that the dilation was 2-3 cm. The anaethetist asked me to curl my legs up. While she was injecting epidural, the pain from contraction was tearing me apart, but the anaesthetist told me not to move. I couldn't help but to moan and felt like crying, guess it was the worst pain I have experienced in my whole life! Then I started to shiver as the effect of epidural kicked in. Felt so terrible! At the same time, I could feel a great pressure down there, as if 小B wanted to come out immediately! I kept shivering and the midwife gave me oxygen mask and told me to take deep breathes.

11 pm:
The dilation became 8cm, and I was transferred to the delivery room. Though it was not so painful as before, I still kept shivering and felt 小B's head pushing down.

1130 pm:
The midwife said the dilation was full, but baby's heartbeat seemed to be dropping. She asked me to try pushing once, but nothing happened.

Next day 12+am:
Doc came and the midwives asked me to push. They pressed my tummy and with one push, I heard 小B crying! They put him on my chest and Dear cut the cord.. A midwife put a tube into 小B's mouth to draw the phlegm, so poor thing. Thought I was so good at pushing, actually Doc used forceps to take baby out.

Anyway, glad that both 小B and me were okie. He had his first meal - Mami' milk - after the measurements were taken.

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  1. Otsukaresama!

    Your little boy is lovely! ^0^



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