Thursday, November 12, 2009

Baby Sling vs Pouch vs Carrier

Bought Moms-in-Mind (MIM) sling before Pei Pei was born. One good point is that it has extra cloth for covering baby from sun / strong light / breastfeeding. The one we bought is made of silk, so it is quite cooling for baby in hot weather, and yet warming when in cold weather. But this is also a problem, the extra cloth keeps dropping out if not tucked properly. Though it is easier than the pouch to take the baby out, it is quite frustrating to put baby in, because the cloth keeps entangled by the two rings.

Bought a Pupsik pouch recently as I was really irritated by the rings of MIM sling. It is relatively easier to put baby into the pouch, and think I look less-auntie / less-Indo-maid with the pouch haha. Some more after folding, it is much smaller than MIM sling and does not occupy too much space in my bag, easy to bring around. But it is not so easy to get baby out of the pouch!

Both sling and pouch are good to comfort a crying baby, Pei Pei and Hao Hao sleep soundly in them!

I have never considered buying a baby carrier that many parents are using. Though it is said to provide good support for baby, how does the baby sleep in standing, or rather, hanging position? Some more it is so bulky to carry around. It is very expensive too.

Of course, the use of sling / pouch / carrier is good only if the walking distance is not too long, shoulders will break if carry for too long. And it is difficult to eat with the baby in front. Nevertheless, it is useful for us, Pei Pei sits in the pram while I carry Hao Hao in sling / pouch when we go shopping.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the management of the above mentioned products. All the opinions are truthfully mine.

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