Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Job Title: DaDi / MaMi


Reporting to the big boss(es) of the household (aka your children), you will be expected to work 24/7 (no break at all) in a challenging working environment, with full of big and small surprises. There is a drastic change to your lifestyle and committment. You will never be your old self again once you accept this job offer.


You should be able to

-finish your meal in 4 minutes 59 seconds

-continue to eat after you clean up a nasty mess (poo, spit, etc)

-clean up any nasty mess, as mentioned above, before you clean up yourself if the mess happens on you

-use your cheek or palm to take body temperature, with a precision of 0.1 degree Celcius

-retract your own "big business" / ignore the Nature's call when your bosses call you

-detect your bosses' voice / cries from 100 m away

-change a diaper within 10 seconds

-sleep in a stretch of not more than 2 hours

-stay composed or even laugh at the most annoying things that can happen (e.g. your limited edition CD is broken by your bosses)

Allowance: $0 in all currency

Medical benefit: You are not eligible to fall sick!

Sports and fitness benefit: Daily training with 2-20kg (Carry your bosses, chase after them in a shopping centre, etc)

On-the-job trainings: Child-caring training, Parenting course, Mental and physical endurance course

I have accepted this job offer twice! 

It sounds tough, but it is the most rewarding life experience!

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