Tuesday, June 7, 2011

5 Tips on Choosing That Right Gynaecologist & Obstetrician

Recently a few friends are pregnant and they ask me to recommend a Gynaecologist & Obstetrician. The main reason why I chose to see my gynae is... his clinic is just a few minutes walk from our house! Without any knowledge of where to source for a good gynae when I first saw two blue lines on the pregnancy test kit, I thought that checking out the nearest clinic would be the best solution.

5 tips on choosing that right gynaecologist & obstetrician:

1. Comfort level with the gynae
First question to ask yourself - are you comfortable with male or female gynae? Take note that there may be a need for the gynae to check for dilation before childbirth and to perform Pap smear after delivery. And most importantly, after the first appointment with the gynae, do you feel comfortable with him / her? If he / she seems to be very $$-minded / hostile / does not match with your frequency at all, then make an appointment with another gynae.

2. Proximity
It would be convenient if the clinic is near your place. Even with just a minor cold, you can get your medicine that is suitable for pregnancy right away. During the third trimester, the frequency of visiting gynae increases, and so as the size of your tummy, it saves a lot of energy from travelling and time if the clinic is near your place. Save the energy for life after childbirth, and save the time for your own "ME-time" or with your other children.

3. Consultation fee
Some gynae offer package as early as you make the first appointment, while some charge per visit. I signed up package on the second appointment for my first pregnancy, and signed up immediately on the first appointment for my second pregnancy. It really saves us quite a sum of $$.

4. Recommendations
Ask friends or relatives for recommendation. Online forums also share opinions on gynae.

5. Choice of hospital
The gynae only deliver in particilar hospitals. So check out the hospital that you wish to deliver. Again, one consideration is the hospitalisation cost. To me, I am not too particular on which hospital offers the best room, meal, etc. It is just a 3D2N stay anyway. My gynae is under Thomson Medical Group, so I had the privilege to stay in 2-bedded ward in Thomson Medical Centre while paying the price for 4-bedded ward. Read about our bill size and experience at Thomson Medical Centre!

Though the waiting time can be quite long and he speaks quite fast, both my husband and myself are comfortable with my gynae, as he is straight to the point and assuring.

Come to think about this... we forgot to take photo with him after delivery... for two times :p

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