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Bill Size & Experience @Thomson Medical Centre

Some friends asked me about the bill size and my experience about the hospital that I have delivered my two children - Thomson Medical Centre.

Please take a deep breath to read on the bill size if you have no idea about the estimated bill for delivery at all. I took deep breath when I first saw the bill, and am taking another deep breath when I look at the bills again now.

Our bill in 2009:

Part 1: Bill for newborn
Baby package 2 days = $338
Medical supplies (Alcohol swabs, cotton balls, identification band, baby admission package) = $41
Medical laboratory fee (Bilirubin) = $39
Procedure (Hearing test) = $75
Drugs / Medicine (Microshield handrub) = $15.10
Doctor charge = $100 (Medisave) + 130 (Non-Medisave)
Grand total (less FBI discount and plus GST) = $741.56
Paying by Medisave = $598.18
Paying by Cash = $143.40

Part 2: Bill for delivery
Hospital charge for Assisted Delivery with Epidural 4 Bedded 2 days = $1320
Use of labour ward = $77
Drugs / Medicine = $185.90
Medical supplies = $51.30
Use of equipment (Foetal monitoring) = $49
Facility ($15 per day use of ward) = $45
Accomodation (1 night) = $195
Doctor charge (Anaesthetist) = $350 (Non-Medisave)
Doctor charge (Gynae) = $1227.53 (Medisave) + 463.07 (Non-Medisave)
Grand total (less FBI discount and plus GST) = $4079.17
Paying by Medisave = $3049.94
Paying by Cash = $1029.15

In summary, total bill came up to be $4820.73 in 2009!!! It increased by 20% as compared to 2008, when the total bill was $3998.33! Not to worry about where you spent your $$ on, as the bill is very detailed with all the breakdowns and is a few pages thick.

Take note that the delivery package starts on the date that you deliver. As I was admitted in the afternoon, but delivered on the next day, we had to pay for one day accommodation.

Just in case your baby has high level of jaundice and needs photo-therapy like what had happened to Pei Pei (touch wood), the bill is about $900 for 2 days.

One right move that we have done was to apply Thomson Medical Centre's First Born Incentive (FBI) which is a 2-year membership at $148, because I gave birth two times within the two years! This gave us some discounts on the hospital bills, and also the consultation fee for the children's paediatrician.

As my gynae is under Thomson Medical Group, I got to stay in 2 bedded ward while paying price for 4 bedded ward. To me, I am fine with staying in two bedded instead of single bedded, since my babies cry louder than the other one in the same ward. But of course, considering privacy and peace of mind, I would not like to stay in 4 bedded ward, simply can't imagine 4 babies crying together in the same ward when you need a good rest after delivery.

Speaking of experience at Thomson Medical Centre, I would say that their confinement soup is very nice! Not to forget some of the friendly nurses who encouraged me to visit the washroom as soon as possible after delivery, and also some hardworking staffs who kept asking me which menu I wanted to order for each meal.

There were unpleasant experience though. For my first delivery, I had to transfer from a normal ward to another ward for mummies, and the air-con of the other ward was not working properly, I was literally staying in a freezer. And on the day we discharged, we had to wait very long for the nurses to check whether vaccination was given to my baby. For my second delivery, in the morning after I delivered, I thought I heard my gynae talking to the mummy in the same ward, but he did not come to check on me. Then I found that the nurses forgot to put my file on the counter, so my gynae did not know I was in that ward. 

There is one frequently-asked-question: who paid the bill? Of course my husband did! 我出力, 他出錢!

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