Thursday, June 23, 2011

Busy Parents' Strategies to PC / IT Shows

Before having children, we would spend hours in PC / IT shows, collecting brochures, asking salesman questions, comparing prices and specifications, and finally get the gadgets that we want. However, these become a luxury after we have children, we cannot afford too much time at the shows. In addition, it is super crowded at the shows, I feel that it is not advisable to bring babies and toddlers to such a crowded place.

Yet if we wish to get something from there, I feel that the best way is that one of the parents look after the kids, while the other one go to buy the stuff. If both parents wish to go, then either they can take turn, or ask someone to help to look after the kids.

No time should be wasted to collect brochure, ask salesman too many questions, compare prices and specifications on the spot. Homework has to be done beforehand.

Usually PC / IT shows begin on Thursday, by late afternoon, the price lists will be uploaded online. When the kids have fallen asleep at night, the parents can do online shopping, comparing prices and specifications, and shortlist the brands and models.

Some promoters would offer better deals in Hardwarezone forum. Note down their contacts, and call them upon arriving the show to get the latest promotions.

Using these strategies, I bought my laptop within 1 hour, while the kids were at home with DaDi.

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