Saturday, August 6, 2011

Outdoor Fun @Zoo

This is Pei Pei's second time and Hao Hao's first time to the Zoo. Perhaps for Hao Hao, it may be considered as his second time, as he had been there when he was in MaMi's tummy.

We reached the Zoo at 9am, but there was already a large crowd!

Pei Pei is only interested in animals that she saw from Baby You Can Read DVD and books, she does not show any interest in animals that she has not seen before. Hao Hao is scared of many animals, except giraffe, the only animal that he wanted to "sayang". It may be because his MaMi had this nickname "giraffe" during her secondary school days.

They are not water boy and girl, they are not interested in the water playground at all. Look at Hao Hao's reluctant expression... Pei Pei simply refused to go near the area when she saw a giant bucket of water pour down.

They are still more attracted to "dry" playground. They had fun playing the slides and see-saw.

A short 2.5 hour stay in the Zoo, but the parents were exhausted... DaDi carried Hao Hao and a backpack of 2 kg of water, while MaMi pushed the pram with Pei Pei and carried a big bag. Others may have mistaken that we were going for hiking!

Things-to-bring-list for family with babies / toddlers to the Zoo:
  • Water and food e.g. sandwich (mineral water and food in the Zoo are over-priced)
  • Extra clothes for both parents and kids, especially if the kids want to play in the water playground
  • Cap or hat
  • Pram or stroller (or you can rent one at the Zoo)
  • Diapers, wet wipe, tissue paper
  • Umbrella / poncho (in case of rain, not everywhere in the Zoo is sheltered. Umbrella can be used to block the sun)
  • Camera, of course!

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