Saturday, February 25, 2012

Survival Guide for Parents to Air Show with Toddlers

Before we went to the Air Show, Pei Pei and Hao Hao were excited and looked forward to see the aeroplanes - they have seen the pictures of aeroplanes and "heard" the aeroplanes (the sounds when the planes fly pass our place) - this is their first time having up-close-and-personal contact with the planes!

We parked our car at Changi Airport and took the free shuttle bus to Changi Exhibition Centre. It was a smart move, as the queue of cars and taxis was very long, while the bus moved quite smoothly along the bus lane.

However, it was a mistake for not bringing a pram along. When we alighted from the bus, the queue to enter the exhibition was super super long! As it was super super crowded, MaMi carried 15 kg Pei Pei while DaDi carried 12 kg Hao Hao and 2 kg bag. By the time we passed the security check, our arms were almost paralysed!

The aerobatic flying show was about to start. We found ourselves a nice spot to sit down.

A few minutes after the show, we ended up under a shelter, with many panicking parents and their crying children! Pei Pei and Hao Hao were very scared of the loud noises and wanted to go home!

We went into the exhibition hall to pacify the terrified kids. They calmed down after they saw the aeroplane models which did not make noise.

There was an interesting attraction - a house of butterflies!

By that time, all of us were very tired - MaMi and DaDi were tired carrying the children and the bag, while Pei Pei and Hao Hao were tired after crying and screaming earlier on.

Practical tips for parents bringing toddlers to Air Show
  • Show videos of flying aeroplanes before visiting the Air Show, so that the toddlers have mental preparation what they will expect to see at the show.
  • Bring drinking water, snacks, sunblock and caps.
  • Bring stroller!
  • Bring ear plugs for the toddlers. Or use the ear plugs for yourselves to block off your toddlers' crying.
  • If your toddlers keep crying and cannot be pacified, leave the place immediately.

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