Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jacob Ballas Children Garden

The two kids usually refuse to wake up early on weekdays, when DaDi and MaMi are rushing to work. On Good Friday, both of them automatically woke up at 6+am!! 

After a light breakfast at home, we decided to bring them to Jacob Ballas Children Garden (a part of Singapore Botanic Gardens) for morning walk.

Pei Pei was not too keen to play at the Tree House, she slided down with MaMi once and did not want to play anymore.

The children were excited to see the water playground!

The children enjoyed themselves very much!  But poor MaMi's back was all wet - she did not notice the water spray behind her when she was taking photos!

Practical Tips for Parents to Water Play Outings:

  1. Bring extra clothes for your kids, and also for yourselves!
  2. Bring water-resistant sunblock for your kids and yourselves!
  3. Bring along pails and bottles! (We forgot to bring but luckily a nice parent gave our kids)
  4. Early morning about 8+am is the best time to visit the water playground at Jacob Ballas Children Garden as it is not crowded yet.

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