Saturday, May 19, 2012

Let Creativity Run Wild!

We visited Art Garden at Singapore Art Museum again. The last time we visited was last August. Hao Hao has a super good memory, he still remembers that he played with toy trains there last time!

Instead of the objects (e.g. keys, wooden pegs) provided, the children used the crayons to transform the flowers into lotus root!

They also designed boxes. Pei Pei used the stencil as her "sunglasses".

When we were playing the clay flowers, it was observed that some parents would tell their children "not like this, not like that!" There is no hard and fast rule in designing! We just let Pei Pei and Hao Hao to do what they like with that piece of clay (we just made sure that they did not eat the clay or use the clay to attack other people!)

I also read that when your children are drawing, instead of asking "what are you drawing", we should say, "tell me more about this". This makes the children feel that their drawings are being understood, and they will feel a sense of satisfaction and achievement!

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