Sunday, September 16, 2012

Learning Chinese: 四五快讀

I heard about this series of books 四五快讀, which is highly recommended for Chinese word rcognition, and bought them directly from China (which cost cheaper than local online / retail bookshops). There are 8 books, with word recognition cards and parents' guide.

Some key learning points from the parents' guide:
  • Revision is the key. Patience and discipline are essential to make the program work
  • Teach new words through metaphor, questioning, dramatisation and games
  • Use word recognition card without picture
  • The best time to learn is night time
MaMi also bought Thomas and Friends Children's Emotion series, which act as resource to strengthen the learning from 四五快讀, and also serve to teach how to handle emotion appropriately.

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  1. Waiwai, thanks for linking up ! I have this set too ! But in cold palace haha ! Time to dig it out !


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