Friday, May 10, 2013

My Dream Mother's Day Presents

Dear Pei Pei and Hao Hao,

Mother's Day is around the corner (just a gentle reminder if you have "accidentally" forgotten or you have no idea that it is arriving). 

As you know, I am a very practical person, while surprises delight me most of the time, I am worried that the surprise - 驚喜 - would turn out to make me feel more 驚 (frightened) than 喜 (delighted), so I think I shall clarify what I want for Mother's Day present(s) this year!

Dream present #1: A wake-up-late morning
On weekday mornings, I wake you up at 615 am to prepare to go to school. On weekend mornings, you "take revenge" by waking me up at 630 am, telling me you want to go to play at Ikea, which opens only at 930 am. Would love to sleep a little more until 9am on this Sunday.

Dream present #2: Quiet me-time in the washroom for 20 minutes
These happen during my "golden opportunities" in the washroom.

I am sure I would have an improved detoxification process (and also better understanding what is written in the newspaper) if I have some quiet moments. 

Dream present #3: Three magic words
I would also love to hear you telling me the three magic words. Not your version of 三字經 "you coconut tree"! I would like to hear you saying "I-Love-You" with your big hugs (outside the washroom)!

Thank you!

Lotsa Love,

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