Friday, May 31, 2013

Tips for Applying Eye Drops to Young Children

This is definitely not a live telecast of bullfighting from Spain (though Hao Hao's Chinese zodiac is ox)!

Hao Hao had redness in his left eye, so doctor prescribed eye drops for him, which is to be administered every 2 hourly. Thanks to the doctor, it means we would have a bullfighting episode every 2 hours! (-.-")

After a few attempts, I sort of figure out how to apply eye drops to Hao Hao efficiently. So let me share with you some tips!

Tips #1 Bribery
Bribes include sweets, going out, etc, to coax your child to lie down on sofa / bed.

When I told Hao Hao that I would bring him out after applying eye drops, he automatically fetched the eye drops from the fridge, and asked me to quickly apply eye drops for him. Don't envy yet, he regretted about this 5 seconds after he lied down.

Tips #2 Formula for safe landing of eye drops
I am proud to present my sure-win formula: FFA - Fast, Firm, Accurate (快,狠,準)
  • Fast 快 - Remember in Tips #1, the bribes work for 5 seconds? So you must perform the pin-and-drop in 5 seconds!
  • Firm 狠 - 狠 in a sense that you have to be firm - pin your child with your legs firmly, and be mentally firm, so you will not let go of you child even he / she cries like mad
  • Accurate 準 - As you know, your child would 100% close his / her eyes. So aim at the inner corner of the eye, so that the eye drops would go into the eye when he / she opens the eye!

Tip #3 Comfort
At the end of the fight, do remember to comfort him / her with sweets, big hugs and kisses, toys, or whatever you think is appropriate.

What are your tips for applying eye drops to your child?

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