Friday, June 21, 2013

Indoor Fun when it is Hazy Outside

Pei Pei and Hao Hao's school is closed today for preparation of parent-teacher conference tomorrow.  I thought I would have a headache to think of activities for them to do at home when PSI is 400 outside. Somehow, they seemed to have a lot of plans in their minds!

Activity 1: Birthday party for Bear Bear
They organised a birthday party for Bear Bear, and invited all the "children" (the soft toys) in our house to attend the party! They used the pot to cook a big cake for Bear Bear!

Activity 2: Reading time
Pei Pei teacher read to Hao Hao and the "children". Hao Hao was the most engaged learner. Look at the naughty children who were not paying attention as they faced away from teacher!

Activity 3: Camping
They built a tent using the table and blankets. They hid inside the tent to keep away from the haze. They told me that the tent also functioned as a ship. Was that the Noah's ark to ship them away from the haze?

Now I realise that I should not underestimate their ability to entertain themselves!

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