Sunday, June 16, 2013

Love, Hate, Love Carrots

Yesterday when I came home from supermarket with Pei Pei, as usual, Hao Hao would dig the carriers for treasures. Unfortunately, much to his dismay, he found a pack of carrots.

"I don't want carrots." 

When Hao Hao started solid food at 6-month old, he took carrots quite well. Too well to an extent that he became a carrot - he turned a bit yellowish after consuming too much carrot! Since then, we seldom offered him carrot.

Now he does not really like carrot.

One strategy that I used, was to cut carrot into very small pieces and blend into porridge, but it was detected by clever Hao Hao, and it took a while to convince him to finish the porridge. Anyway, it was fortunate enough that he didn't request me to pick out the carrots, bit by bit!

For lunch today, I used another strategy called "Show Hand"! Show Hao Hao the carrots!

Presenting.... Carrot Blossom!

Do you notice, Hao Hao's favourite fish balls are surrounded by carrots? 

Now he is more receptive to carrots. When I was cooking dinner, Hao Hao asked, "May I have the flowers? The lunch one."

Pei Pei also gave thumbs up to what she called "the flower rice"!

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