Friday, June 28, 2013

Making Spelling and 聽寫 Fun!

Pei Pei's teacher informed me that the school is going to start spelling test and 聽寫 in July, and explained to me the rationale is to condition the children to the academic environment in formal schooling. The teacher also highlighted to me the choice of words in the spelling tests. For English, those are sight words, while for Chinese, those are words that they have learnt from their reading programme.

A few questions came to my mind - shall I prepare her for the tests or shall I stay "bo-chup" (ignore it)? If I chose to prepare her for the tests, how shall I do it?

You may say, "Hello, she is just a K1 child, let her have childhood!" 

Of course, I also don't want to give her pressure at such a young age! I feel that the it is not the result of the tests that matters, it is the process of learning that is important. 

Since Pei Pei likes to pretend play as a teacher, teaching and reading to her soft toys, I pretended to be her pupil. 

First, I put up the spelling lists on the wall. Then I pointed at a word from the list, for example "you". 

"Teacher Pei Pei, what word is that?" She is able to recognise some of the words as she has learnt from her books.

Then I made a few sentences using the word, she also joined me in making a few sentences using the word.

"Teacher Pei Pei, can you teach me how to spell 'you'?" On the first occasion, she looked at the list on the wall, and showed me how to spell by writing on the paper.

"Teacher Pei Pei, can you teach me how to spell 'you' one more time?" She wrote the word again, this time, without referring to the list.

"Oh, Teacher Pei Pei, you have taught me how to spell "you". Y-O-U. Thank you!" 

She gave me a big smile, and volunteered to teach me another word!

We have also tried to make spelling interesting through lapbooking.

What are your thoughts about having spelling test at Kindergarden 1? What are your strategies if you have been preparing your child for the spelling test?


  1. I remember this for my son. English was okay as he could rely on phonics. It was the Chinese that was the problem. It was difficult remembering the strokes and their order.

    1. agy,

      Pei Pei is the other way round, her Chinese is better than English, so I need to think of ways to make English spelling more fun


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