Friday, June 14, 2013

No More Bacteria Party in the Shoes!

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Our two energetic duos love to run around. As age is catching up with me, I can't catch up with two of them, especially when one runs towards the east, while the other runs towards the west.

Sometimes they run across the grass. Sometimes they step on mud. Sometimes when they are unwell, they puke on their shoes.

That is how "clean" our shoes can be!

As I jog once in a while, though I try my best not to step on grass and mud, I guess my sweat from the socks probably can fill up a cup!

My shoes are not much better than theirs...

The thought of cleaning the shoes make me feel like.... roarrrrr!! No matter how hard I scrub, the shoes still look dirty.

Pei Pei's favourite pair of shoes has turned from pink to "dark pink", and my sport shoes start to emit some "fragrance". As I was wondering how much force in newtons I should apply to scrub the shoes, I received an invitation to a service trial at ColorWash. Phew!

Ms Gemma Gil, the founder of ColorWash attended to us. As a mother of two, she truly understands the need to take stock of hygiene standard of children's belongings. She also shared with me some interesting facts which make me stunned! 

Do you know how much perspiration can your footwear absorb from your child's feet on a daily basis?

All footwear can absorb up to one pint of perspiration from your child's feet! One pint is 473.176 ml which is more than one can of coke!! Can you imagine the bacteria having a party in your child's shoes? Isn't it a big bane to our children's hygiene?

As I told Ms Gemma that I attempted to wash the shoes myself, she highlighted that professional cleaning has an advantage of providing additional hygiene standard by using ozone process to disinfect the shoes. Oh yes, she is right, I don't think I can do that at home! 

When Ms Gemma noticed Hao Hao was wearing Crocs shoes, she gave me special tips on how I can clean his shoes: Soak in warm water with a drop of Dettol for half an hour, then scrub the shoes - do not forget to scrub the in-sole areas!

Can you spot the difference in Pei Pei's shoes?

They are so much cleaner now! 

ColorWash also shared with me their special products - Soft Cleaner Wipes and Protecting Cream Wipes, which serve to salvage our bags or shoes during accidents! This would be especially useful when the children accidently spill milk, paint, etc on their own / their parents' bags and shoes! The wipes are gentler as compared to the usual wet wipes, so they are suitable for cleaning up dirts on leather goods!

If you are now squatting in the washroom, staring at your children's dirty shoes and school bags that have accumulated tons of dirt, then this may be a good news for you!

[School Holiday Specials:  from now till 30 June 2013]
ColorWash is extending 20% off on all cleaning services for school bags and all children shoes, usual prices are SGD30 and SGD15 (for canvas school shoes) respectively. 

ColorWash also specialises in cleaning leather bags and shoes. Do check out their website and Facebook page for more details!

Disclaimer: We received a complimentary trial cleaning service for Pei Pei's canvas shoes and my sport shoes, a packet of complimentary soft cleaner wipes and protection cream wipes. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are mine.

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