Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Project Toilet Paper Roll - Owl, Butterfly and Panda

DaDi is a karang guni man an environmentalist, whenever we have waste plastic bottles, cans, newspaper, he would put them in his recycling basket in the store room. Once in a while, he would deposit those materials in the recycling bin near our house.

Pei Pei learns from her DaDi and puts the empty toilet paper rolls into the recycling basket. Before she puts them there, she would remind me, "MaMi, this is for crafting!"

Steps to make the owl:
  1. Wrap the roll with construction paper
  2. Cut two semi-circles from the top of the roll
  3. Wrap with Washi tape
  4. Paste the beak and wings made of construction paper
  5. Paste the googly eyes

Steps to make the butterfly:
  1. Wrap the roll with construction paper
  2. Cut two butterfly-wing shapes from construction paper
  3. Decorate with dot stickers, Washi tape, colour pencil
  4. Paste the wings on the back of the roll
  5. Paste half of the dot sticker as the mouth
  6. Paste the googly eyes
  7. Cut two thin strips of paper (the blue ones in the photo), wrap around a colour pencil to curl them. Paste on top of the roll as the feelers of the butterfly

Steps to make the panda:
  1. Wrap the roll with white paper
  2. Cut the 2 semi-circles (ears), 2 big ovals & 2 small ovals (eyes), 1 very small oval (nose), 4 rectangular stripes with one end rounded (hands and feet), and a rectangular stripe (body) from black paper, and cut two circles (eyes) from white paper, paste on the roll.

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  1. We did something similar too! lil k n I made a frog n fox to learn the letter F:

  2. Janice, thanks for sharing your toilet paper roll idea!


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