Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Protect Our Children from 雾锁南洋 (Hazy Singapore)

Pei Pei: MaMi, why the sky blur blur one?
Me: Our neighbouring country has fires, the wind blows the smoke here.
Pei Pei: Why you never call fire engine?

"So smelly!" Hao Hao covered his nose. Smell of barbecue, but not the type that makes one drool.

This is 雾锁南洋 version June 2013.

Instead of STI (Straits Times Index), everyone is now talking about PSI (Pollutant Standards Index). For the past few days, it has risen to the "unhealthy level". As parents with young children, we are concerned about this.

A few days ago, I almost rushed out to the nearby shopping centre to grab an air purifier. However, a Facebook status of a friend stopped me - it was sold out!! 

What should I do to protect my children from the effect of haze?

An infographic from Singapore General Hospital's Facebook page gave me some ideas!

Let's check...

Breastfeeding... not applicable to us, as my milk factory has closed long long ago.

Stay indoor as much as possible... we are not planning any outdoor activities until the PSI has dropped to healthy level. I have stocked up some art and craft materials, so we will stay indoor to do crafting. Alternatively, we will visit indoor places like library, or go shopping for an air purifier.

Avoid smoking or smoker... I "smoke" occasionally in attempt to answer some of their challenging questions e.g. where is the bar of chocolate that I bought? So no smoking for the time being.

Practice good hygiene... checked, that is our usual practice. 

So far they have not shown any sign of effects due to the haze (*keep my fingers and toes crossed). We keep reminding the kids to drink more water. We also give them chrysanthemum tea which has "cooling" property. In addition, we close all the windows and doors, and switch on air-con since we are unable to get an air purifier.

Haze haze go away, little children want to play (outdoors)!

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