Sunday, June 9, 2013

To DaDi with Love

Dear DaDi,

Thank you for reading to us, even though you are very tired after long day of work.

Thank you for drawing with us, even though you don't really like to draw.

Thank you for cleaning the house, after we make a big mess by playing with Play Doh / water colour, or by dropping all kind of food on the floor. 

Thank you for carrying us, to walk from one end of the Zoo to the other.

Thank you for making breakfast for us on weekend mornings, as MaMi usually continues to talk to 周公 (zzz...) at 7am.

Thank you for approving MaMi to go on leave once in a while, so she comes home with a good mood and buys presents for us.

Thank you for telling us that you love us, after sending us to the notorious naughty corner when we misbehave.

Thank you for being a great DaDi!

Happy Father's Day!

With lotsa hugs and kisses,
Pei Pei and Hao Hao

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