Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Our ABC Soup (Carrot, Potato & Tomato Soup)

ABC soup? But there are no letters A, B and C "swimming" in the soup, you may wonder.

Our version of ABC soup consists of carrot, potato and tomato. There are many variations of ABC soup, most recipes include onions, while some recipes include pork ribs, or chicken, or sweet corn. 

Back to the question, why is this soup called ABC soup? I can think of two reasons.

Reason #1: The nutrition in the ingredients
Carrot - Vitamin A
Potato - Vitamin B6
Tomato - Vitamin C

These vitamins are important for children's growth. Vitamin A is essential for healthy skin, eyes and immune responses, while Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C are important for maintaining a healthy immune system.

Reason #2: Preparing this soup is as simple as ABC!
Even lazy cooking mama like me find the recipe super easy!

Ingredients (serving 4):
2 carrots
3 medium size Russet potato
2 tomatoes
2 litres of water

  1. Peel carrots, cut into chunks
  2. Slice each tomato into 4-6 wedges
  3. Peel potatoes, cut into large chunks. Do not cut potatoes into small pieces, as the potatoes would become very soft and would be fragmented if they are cut into small pieces. You may consider peeling and cutting the potatoes last, or put the potatoes chunks in a bowl of water. This is to prevent the potatoes from turning brown (oxidised).
  4. Boil water.
  5. Put all ingredients into the boiling water, simmer over low fire for 30 minutes.

However, Pei Pei and Hao Hao did not really like the taste of tomato! So I would consider using sweet corns next time!

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