Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Potty Mouth - Pee Poo Pi

Is it part of the developmental stage of a child that many parenting books do not mention?

Recently, these words come out of their mouth on a regular basis - pee, poo, poot (sound of farting), 屁 (fart), 大便 (poo in Chinese).

Babbles. Single words. Two words. Multiple words sentences. P-ful phrases / P language. These are stages of a child's language development, based on my observation.

Our first reaction was to tell them that it is not nice to use these words. However, our request to stop this reinforce the behaviour! They simply laugh it off and continue P-ing!

Some other strategies that we have attempted:
  • We put on poker face when they are using those words. Sometimes, they sound really funny, but we do not let our corner of our lips to tilt upward.
  • We share with them our feeling about this - we don't like listening to potty-mouth.
  • If they can't stop, we just stop listening. Hopefully they get bored of this soon.

How would you deal with children with potty mouths?

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