Monday, July 15, 2013

Taking up the Orange Rhino Challenge - Yell Less Love More!

Saw this book in the library.

Title: Little Dinos Don't Yell 
Author: Michael Dahl
Location: Junior Lending Picture Book
Call number: English DAH - [BA]

This book teaches the children appropriate manner and how to control their voices.

"Don't scream at your Mum."

"Don't shout at your Dad."

Kids being kids, sometimes when they are unsatisfied, with their limited control over their emotion at such young age, they would scream until the whole Singapore shakes! Unfortunately, there were many occasions in which I reacted by screaming back, and shake the island one more time!

Sometimes, it could be an accidental spillage of a cup of milk on the floor, or their so-called "creative" decorations with markers on the table, which are just small matters, I would raise my voice by 10 octaves higher. And you have have guessed it right, they would respond by raising their voices 100 octaves higher!

That is a vicious cycle.

In fact, this book reminds me: "Don't Yell at your children". Yes, I need to control my temper!

Recently I chanced upon this challenge called The Orange Rhino Challenge, initiated by a mother of 4, who committed not to yell at her children for 365 days. As I was reading her blog, it was 500+ days since she started the challenge!

No yelling at her children for 500+ days! I am really inspired and am determined to take up the challenge.

While I'm willing to take up the challenge, I'm aware that it is not going to be easy. Because an active volcano exists in my body.

So I keep reminding myself, while I'm stilling working on keeping myself calm and not to lose my cool easily, no matter what happens, even if I have to snap once in a while, I MUST NOT YELL AT MY CHILDREN.

A few things I have done instead of yelling at them for the past 1 week:

Read newspaper, drink water, hold myself tight, yell at the toilet bowl...

You may read up Orange Rhino's alternatives to yelling!

This is my 8th day! Please wish me all the best in this journey to Yell Less Love More!

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  1. YOu are a brave soul! *salute*

    1. Thank you Irene! It is really a big step for me!

  2. I also took the challenge! It was not easy but doable. I think I stopped counting after 50 days. I'm more aware of my actions now, and I do raise my voice when necessary but no more crazy yelling. Yay! Jiayou!

    1. Thanks Adora for your encouragement! Let's jia you!!


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