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The Big B Event + Tips for Breastfeeding Confidently in Public


I only gained confidence to breastfeed in public when I had my second child Hao Hao. It was because I was overly conscious about how other people think (about my act of breastfeeding in public, don't think they would think about my boobs), and my boobs did not like any accidental exposure. 

So how did I gain my confidence to breastfeed in public?

Reflect on my belief
Breast milk is a gift for my baby. What's wrong with feeding my baby when he is hungry? Once my belief was changed, I didn't really care what other people think or say about me breastfeeding my baby in public. 

Get to know mummies who are pro-breastfeeding
It was fortunate for me to get to know a group of pro-breastfeeding mummies. We met up for gatherings, and my confidence was boosted when I saw how they nursed their babies with ease. When we mummies were having high tea, our babies also had theirs at the same time! 

Rehearse at home
Ok, I regretted not having a "rehearsal" with Hao Hao before my first attempt to nurse him in public. He was not used to having "under-cover" meal and he struggled under my shawl! Fortunately, no part of my boobs was shown to the world! So after that, I had a few rehearsals with Hao Hao at home in front of the mirror before the next attempt, to make sure I had complete coverage, while he learnt to have his meal under the cover.

Choose the right gear for easy breastfeeding
There are many nursing wears available in the market, with different types of nursing access. I tried out various types of nursing clothes in the fitting room to find the one that I felt would be easy to invite my boobs out! This is my favourite nursing top - lift the outer layer to access to the opening. 

I also use a shawl to ensure 100% coverage. Alternatively, a baby sling / nursing cover / baby blanket also does the job.

Learn to respond gracefully to glances
Smile! Because I am doing a good job for my baby! Fortunately, I have never encountered nasty comments. But I had already thought of how to respond if someone asked me to nurse my baby somewhere else e.g. washroom - "So you mean you eat in washroom?!" (*act shocked) or "You may look at other direction. Thanks."(*with a grin).

Calling mummies who are keen on breastfeeding! Come and celebrate National Breastfeeding Month 2013 in a meaningful way!

The Big B Event is a mass breastfeeding challenge organised by Parents World magazine to set a new national record in The Singapore Book of Records - to have most number of mums breastfeeding together at the same time! This event serves to raise awareness of the benefits of breastfeeding, and to encourage mothers to breastfeed their babies for the first 6 months as recommended by American Academy of Pediatrics.

The Big B Event is the highlight of Parents World Exhibition 2013, so you can also look forward to massive discounts and exciting programmes!

How to register for The Big B Event? 
Email your particulars to or call 62950810. The first 250 mums to register will receive a free goodie bag worth $100 with products from Impression, Beautex, PET PET and S-26 Mama.

You may read more about my breastfeeding journey and about my best friends (breast pumps) as a full-time-working-and-breastfeeding-mum.

Enjoy your breastfeeding journey!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Red Tree Group, all opinions are mine.

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