Friday, July 26, 2013

When a Girl Loves a Boy

I was shocked to find this in Pei Pei's bag.

The boy's name was "blurred" to protect the identity of the victim boy.

I'm not saying that Pei Pei should start dating only after she turns 21 years old. But talking about relationship with a boy at 5 years old, hmm, a bit too early.

Perhaps before I jump into conclusion, I should clarify this with Pei Pei.

Me: Oh, you wrote "I love you my (boy's name). You really love him?
Pei Pei: Yes
Me: Why?
Pei Pei: Because he is my friend.


That is a 5-year-old's idea of L-O-V-E. 

Just simple love between friends. Don't think too much!

Coming to think about this... what do you think is the appropriate age for your child to start dating?

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