Monday, August 19, 2013

Art-venture at Istana Art Event 2013

We had a mother-daughter day out at Istana! 

We had a tour to the main building of Istana! It was her first time climbing so high up the hill to the main building, because during our past visits, the kids' batteries ran flat when we were mid-way up the hill and we had to call it a day.

Too bad no photography is allowed inside the main building. I was impressed by the decorations. But Pei Pei was more eager to go to the children's play area.

I would give thumbs-up to most volunteers who made this event an enjoyable one. They patiently taught the children how to make the art pieces, and some of them took initiative to help to take photos for us. The only spoiler was the person at the booth of Peranakan Museum, where the children were to do stenciling. She kept pointing out the mistakes that the children made in a hostile manner, e.g. should not brush, should not mix the colours or else would contaminate the paint (those were her exact words).

Anyway, this was a good one-to-one bonding activity for Pei Pei and me. We went there with only my small sling bag, but we went home with two bags full of goodies and art activities materials!

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