Friday, August 23, 2013

Colourful Suncatcher

As I was packing my tons of craft materials, I found a pack of OHP (Overhead Projector) transparencies.

If you are asking what an OHP is, then you must be very young (I am also young, but you are younger than me)!

Children nowadays may not have the opportunity to use OHP. With the advancement of technology, visualisers have replaced the OHP.

Back to the OHP transparencies... nowadays, they are used as the cover for book binding. I feel that they are also interesting craft materials!

A simple project using OHP transparencies - making a suncatcher!

We cut the cellophane paper into different shapes.

Before we pasted the shapes, we did a simple scientific experiment to demonstrate static electricity - the cellophane shapes were dancing when we put the OHP transparency above them.

This activity is suitable for young children to learn about shapes and colours. By overlapping cellophane paper of different colours, they also learn about the concept of mixing colours.

Reaching for the sun!

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