Thursday, August 15, 2013

DIY Tambourine

Pei Pei and Hao Hao like singing, so it may be a good idea to have a tambourine around for them to learn about rhythm as they sing.

We made our own tambourine! Here is our simple 3-step-tutorial on how to make tambourine!

Paper plates x2
Bells x5
Washi tape

Step 1: Pinch 10 holes on each paper plate.

Step 2: Decorate the paper plate with Washi tapes.

Step 3: Thread the ribbon through the holes, put the bells for alternating holes. Burn the end of the ribbon using lighter to prevent fraying.

Done! Let's sing and play tambourine!

p.s. When Pei Pei and Hao Hao were playing tambourine in day time, I clapped and sang with them. When they played it at night, I asked them to keep quiet! Inconsistency...

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