Thursday, August 22, 2013

Project Toilet Paper Roll - Fishy Lantern

One more month to Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋節), and we have already prepared our lanterns!

Toilet paper roll
Tissue paper (for crafting, not the tissue paper that you clear your nose with)
Coloured paper
Wire / String

Step 1:
Cut the tissue paper into fish scale shape.

Step 2:
Wrap one end of the toilet paper roll with coloured paper (the fish head). Wrap the other end with tissue paper, twist it (the fish tail).

Step 3:
Use glue to paste the fish scale on the toilet paper roll.

Step 4:
Cut two circles from white paper, use black marker to draw a dot on each circle (the fish eyes), and paste on two sides of the fish head.

Step 5:
Tie one end of the wire / string to the fish tail by wrapping it around a few times. Attach the other end of the wire / string to the fish head using tape.

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