Friday, August 16, 2013

Project Washi Tape - DIY Handphone (iPhone) Cover

To many of us, the function of handphone covers are not just to protect the handphone, but they also beautify the handphones.

Some shops offer customisable handphone covers, but they can be quite costly. 

So how to change the "clothes" (the cover) of the handphone frequently and yet no need to spend too much money?

See our easy 5-step tutorial on DIY handphone cover!

Transparent iPhone case
White cardboard
Washi tapes
Pen knife

I bought my transparent iPhone case from Deal Extreme. Just one note about purchasing from them: once you place the order, pretend that you have forgotten about it! Then one month later, pretend to be surprised when you see your ordered items in your mail box!

Step 1: 
Put the handphone on the white cardboard, use a pencil to trace the shape of the handphone. Cut the shape along the pencil line.

Step 2:
Put the handphone case on the cardboard cut from Step 1, use the pencil to trace the camera hole. 

Step 3: 
"Washi-fy" the cardboard with Washi tapes! 

Step 4:
Use a pen knife to cut the camera hole.

Step 5:
Place the "washi-fied" cardboard into the transparent handphone case, snap in the handphone.

Yeah! The handphone can change "clothes" every day! Don't forget to decorate the button with Washi tape too!

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