Thursday, September 19, 2013

5 Must-Have from Daiso for Family with Young Children

I remember when I first visited the first Daiso in Singapore more than 10 years ago, I was amazed by the variety of products available! And each item costs only S$2! I can shop there for more than an hour!

Before I became a mother, I liked to visit the food section, and usually left Daiso with bags of snacks, cha-soba, instant curry.

After I become a mother, I change my attention to kitchen ware section and art & craft section! Because I love to make bento for my children, and to do art and craft activities with them.

Even Pei Pei and Hao Hao love to shop at Daiso with me!

In my opinion, these are the 5 must-have from Daiso for family with young children!

Not in order of merit...

#1. Popsicle maker

What beat cooling ice popsicles in hot weather? How about some green tea ice popsicles? The kids love them!

For a healthier choice, we can use fruits (e.g. kiwi, water melon, strawberries) and yogurt to make the ice popsicles!

#2. Vegetable cutters

There was a period of time when Hao Hao did not like to eat carrot. So I had to change the "image" of carrot to make it enticing for him to eat. These vegetable cutters did a great job! Now Hao Hao likes the carrot flowers!

#3. Egg mould

Another headache. Pei Pei loved to eat eggs, but suddenly, she lost interest in eggs for some time. So I used to same strategy as above to make her eat the eggs!

This is an example of simple meal with the use of the vegetable cutters and egg mould (See this post for the quick-fix recipe).

#4. Buttons

These are interesting craft materials. Other than sewing on clothes, they can be used to make decorative buttons to decorate greeting cards, notebooks, photo frame and so on. I particularly like to make pretty hair ties for Pei Pei.

I taught Pei Pei how to make the covered button, I think it is a good activity to develop a child's fine motor skill.

#5. Pipe cleaners

I am not using them to clean the pipes in the house. Pipe cleaners (chenille stems) are excellent craft materials for children. By simply cutting and twisting, many beautiful art works can be created!

The recent art-ivity using pipe cleaners is the making of firefly lanterns (See this post for the tutorial).

Feeling like going to Daiso to shop now? Here are the locations of Daiso outlets in Singapore!
East Point (Simei) #03-05/06
IMM (Jurong East) #03-48/50
Plaza Singapura (Dhoby Ghaut) #04-01
VivoCity (Harbourfront) #03-06/06A/06B
Sembawang Shopping Centre (Sembawang) #01-18
Rivervale Mall (Sengkang) #02-01
Bukit Panjang Plaza (Bukit Panjang) #04-03/04
ION Orchard (Orchard) #B4-47
Chinatown Point (Chinatown) #B2-01
Tampines One (Tampines) #03-17

What are your favourite / must-have items from Daiso?

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the management of the above mentioned products. Just want to share some of my favourite products from there. All the opinions are mine.

Disclaimer of disclaimer: I spent *cough cough* quite a lot of $$ shopping there. S$2 per item, how to resist??

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  1. i just bought the popsicle moulds too. Do you have a recipe to share? =)

    1. Carol Mei Mei, the one that I share in this blog post is using sweetened green tea powder (bought from Isetan Supermarket) mixed with water. Another recipe is to blend water melon, and add slides of kiwi. I shall post other recipes of popsicle another day, stay tuned!

  2. hi! which daiso insingapore sells the ice pop mold? not all daiso have them

    1. Hi, this post was written in September 2013, it seems that Daiso does not have the ice pop mold recently (June 2014). You may check with them if they are bringing in this product again.


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