Sunday, September 22, 2013

Learning Bento-making Tips and Hygiene with Dettol Singapore

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I enjoy preparing simple bento for Pei Pei and Hao Hao, though my bento designs are not really that fantastic, I just feel happy when they finish up all the food.

Recently, Pei Pei is getting more and more interested in helping me out in the kitchen. Other than simple food preparation skills, I feel that it is more important to take the opportunity to teach her about hygiene during food preparation.

When we were invited to attend "Healthy Body, Healthy Mind" Bento-making workshop organised by Dettol Singapore, I was very excited, not only because the instructor is  Shirley Wong, whose bento designs inspire me, but I also like the objective of this workshop - to develop healthy hygiene habits from young.

This was our work station at Nourish Studios at Boat Quay.

The representative from Dettol Singapore gave us an insightful explanation on the importance of good hand hygiene practice, and all of us learnt the proper way to wash our hands!

image from poster by Dettol Singapore

Oops, I think I have been doing only step 1 and 8! Negative demonstration to my children!

Time for action!

Pei Pei was very attentive during the demonstration.

This was Pei Pei's first time cooking with a pan. I didn't take a photo of this "magical" moment as I had to hold her on the chair with my left hand, while holding her hand to flip the egg with my right hand.

While I was busy completing the other half of the bento, Pei Pei started to be hungry and eat up whatever remaining vegetable, cheese and honeydew that I did not need for the bento.

How many marks to you give to the bento prepared by the mother-daughter team?

Pei Pei remembered that she must wash her hands before having her lunch, and she washed her hands using the 8 steps correctly!

Tips for Bento-making
  • Write the secret message on banana skin by scratching it gently using a toothpick. The words will turn black after a while.
  • To cut patterns from cheese, you can use toothpick to "draw" the shape if you do not have cutters
  • To cut small circular shapes from carrot, cheese, etc, you just need a straw
  • To make the eyes of the bumblebee, you may use black sesame (I don't think I can cut the seaweed into this small size!)
  • For the honeydew / other fruit basket, cut a few pieces using the cutters, then cut the remaining into small pieces and put into the box first, followed by placing those with designs on top. This prevents wastage of fruit

Hygiene Reminders during Bento-making
  • Have separate chopping boards and knives for raw meat and vegetables
  • Wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap after handling raw meat, don't forget about the 8-steps

Thank you Dettol Singapore for such enriching experience!

Disclaimer: We received media invite to the bento-making workshop and some Dettol products. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are mine.

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