Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DIY Firefly Lantern Tutorial

It is Mid-autumn festival tomorrow! We had already digested our homemade ice-cram mooncake! Let's not forget another important activity - playing with lantern!

As both children are young, I am not too keen to let them play with lanterns that use candles, because I'm afraid that they would injure themselves if the lanterns accidentally catch fire. 

So we prepared a lantern that does not need candles or batteries - it runs on light stick! 

Water bottle
Light stick
Chenille stems (pipe cleaners) x 4 long (for legs and wings) and 1 short (for feelers)
Double-sided tape
White cardboard (optional)

Step 1: Making of the face
There is a logo on the cap of the bottle that we have, so we trace the outline of the cap on the white cardboard, cut it out, use double-sided tape to paste on the cap. Then we use markers to draw the faces of the fireflies!

Step 2: Making of the legs
Wrap a long chenille stem (pipe cleaner) around the bottle, twist it, and bend the two ends to form the legs. Repeat with two more long chenille stems.

Step 3: Making of the wings and feelers
Use a long chenille stem, tie a figure of 8 and secure the ends to the middle legs. Then tie a short chenille stem at the bottle neck, twist it and curl the ends to make the feelers.

Step 4: 
Tie a string around the bottle, and make a loop for it to be held by a stick (we use the balloon stick).

Step 5:
Break the light stick and place it into the bottle.

Once again, wish you Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 中秋節快樂!

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  1. This is nice! I like light sticks and think kids will be fascinated by the glow! So safe too! =)Thanks for linking up!

  2. Summer, Thank you! I don't need to worry about the lantern catching fire!


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