Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Spinning Colour Wheel

What are the colours of a rainbow? Pei Pei knows the answer.

What happen if we mix the colours together? If we use paint, then we get a mess of dirty brown! So we conducted an experiment using spinning colour wheel!

Pei Pei used cardboard and colour pencils to make a colour wheel, then I helped to make a hole in the centre.

Next, we put a colour pencil through the hole... and spin it!

Other than observing that the colours are mixed, the colour pencil also started "drawing" on the paper. However, the "drawing" from the colour pencil was too light.

We used a marker instead. Caution: put newspaper on the table to prevent the marker from drawing on the table! Don't say we never warn you!!

It is a science activity, and an art activity!

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