Sunday, October 6, 2013

How to Keep Plastic Bag

How do you keep the plastic bags? Just squeeze them somewhere? Put them into a box?

This is DaDi's method:

Step 1: Fold the plastic bag into half lengthwise
Step 2: Fold it into half again
Step 3: Make a triangle at the bottom by folding the corner up,
Step 4: Keep folding the triangle upward, and fold the end into the "slot"

Do share with us if you have other ways of storing the plastic bags!

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  1. I fold mine. But not this good. Clever.

  2. I fold mine as well but only to step 2. I have them in a box ready to use for mosaics and other crafty projects I do. I'm always looking for space saving ideas. This is awesome! Cindy, visiting from Ultimate Blog Challenge on FB.

    1. Thanks Cindy for visiting! Do share your space saving ideas on your blog!

  3. What a nice blog! I love the pictures of your sweet children. The post with this plastic bag has nice 'step' pictures. I liked that. I wish I had the patience to fold plastic bags, but I don't. I keep them in a big bag with room for many...Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you Lotta! I didn't have patience to do this before I was married, my hubby taught me and my children to fold this way.


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