Friday, October 4, 2013

The Best Children's Day Present

When Pei Pei and Hao Hao asked me for some carriers on Wednesday night, I asked them why. They told me that their teachers would be giving them presents on Thursday, during Children's Day celebration. I was thinking, isn't it a bit too exaggerated?

My jaws dropped when I fetched them from school yesterday. The carriers that they requested were not big enough to hold all their presents from their teachers!

I really appreciate their teachers for bringing joy to the children! Pei Pei and Hao Hao were overjoyed with so many presents and we spent the whole evening playing with the new toys!

Oh, you ask me what Children's Day presents we are giving them?

Our answer is: being with them!

We take leave from work today, and they have a say on what they want to do to celebrate Children's Day!

They woke up 645am (very early indeed), and said they wanted to play with the bubble guns that their teachers bought for them, so we went to the playground downstairs to have bubble fun!

After breakfast, they said they wanted to swim (their definition of 'swim' is to play with water). So we had water fun at Jacob Ballas Children's Garden!

I am glad that they truly enjoyed themselves today!

How did you celebrate this day with your children?

Happy Children's Day to all! Because we are children of our parents!

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  1. Sounds like a variation of the USA's "Take your daughter to work day" which I think should be "Take your child to work day." But this is a lot more fun! The teacher really paid for those bubble guns with her own money? Wow, sounds like what I used to do as a teacher!

    I love your pictures and your description and how the children spent their day!! Thank you!

    1. Carolyn, I think the teachers paid for the presents. It is really nice of them! I like the idea of "Take your child to work day", it is a pity that my workplace does not practise this.

  2. It's so cool to see your world from so far away! Thanks so much for the post and the opportunity! :p I feel like every day is kids day in the US :p

    1. Green Mommas, thanks for visiting my blog. As a full-time working mother, I try my best to make every day Children's Day for my kids.

  3. Indeed, the best gift for the kids is our time :)
    Wow, the teachers are really generous haha.

    cheers, Andy

  4. Andy, their teachers are really generous! As a full-time working mum, I hope I can make as much time as possible to be with them.


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