Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Joys of Parenthood

On 17 August 2013, I brought Hao Hao to a barber shop. Oh yes, he was going to have a hair cut. However, this was a special hair cut, because this was done in front of a TV camera.

Hao Hao and I were privileged to participate in the filming of a TV commercial commissioned by Prime Minister Office. When we were invited to a casting call in early August (See this post), I said yes, because this commercial is a meaningful one - it aims to promote families and parenthood.

This commercial was directed by Royston Tan, the local award-winning film-maker who directed the movie "881". Hao Hao liked him a lot as he was very friendly and he gave Hao Hao toys and stickers!

We were invited to the screening of the commercial and a movie treat on Sunday. I almost teared when I watched the commercial, not because we were on the big cinema screen... it was because this commercial captured the beautiful moments of raising children, and these brought back the precious memories that I have as a mother for 5 years.

Life is never be the same again after having children (Read this post on comparison of my life Before Children and After Children).

Sleepless nights, sore nipples during initial stage of breastfeeding, shifting from "me" to "them", children's tantrum, and many many other challenges, are part of the parenthood package.

But their smiles, their kisses, their hugs, their love, simply outweigh the challenges.

Being a parent makes me learn to become a better person. I hope to teach my children the right things, so I have to re-learn, and hopefully I can be a better role model. I am growing up with them too.

Being a parent makes me appreciate my parents even more. Now that I know it is not easy to be parents. It takes a lot of efforts, time, love, care and sacrifices to raise a child.

I am glad to take up this great job - being a parent.

Oh, before I forget, here are the parenthood journeys TV commercials. Can you spot us?

The commercial was first telecast yesterday (30 September) on local TV channels. Tell us what do you think about this commercial!

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