Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Planning Staycation with Young Children

Did I tell you that Pei Pei and Hao Hao have not stepped out of Singapore yet? Ok, I admit we are paranoid - have too many worries about bringing the "Fearless Five" Pei Pei and "Super Fearless Four" Hao Hao out of Singapore. 

Well, let's start with baby step. We will have a staycation in Singapore first.

Hey, it is just a staycation, what is the big deal? Some parents whose children are seasoned travelers may think this way. But it is a big deal to me! While Pei Pei has stayed overnight at her grandparents' place before, it is going to be Hao Hao's first time sleeping out of our home. The biggest deal is, it is MY first time bringing my children to sleep on a foreign bed!

Though it is just an overnight stay, I still put in effort to think through the plan carefully.


My wallet is "private limited" (read: poor). And the price of hotel and resort stay in Singapore is not very cheap. So I looked out for promotions. While some online hotel booking websites have good offers sometimes, do check the hotel's websites too, you may find surprise!


Yes, I know Singapore is small. But I hope to minimise time on traveling, so that we can maximise time to have fun! I am not too keen to lug the children to do shopping, perhaps the sun, the sand, the sea would be more exciting, so obviously I would choose a hotel / resort one that is near the beach. If your highlight of the staycation is retail therapy with your children (I don't think I can enjoy that with the four itchy hands), then choosing a hotel in shopping district like Orchard Road would be suitable.


Huh? You may ask. It is just a staycation, just relax. But with the children around, do consider activities for the family. I don't think my children would love to sit with me at the balcony of the hotel room and read for 1 to 2 hours. Some homework has to be done, such as where the family- friendly restaurants / attractions around the hotel / resort, any special events nearby, etc.

Packing list

 Mandatory to pack these for my children:
  • Extra sets of clothes - don't bring just enough, bring extra! I think I am going to bring 4 sets of clothes for each child - 1 set for day 1, 1 set for day 2, 1 set for night, 1 set just in case for any accidents 
  • Swim suits - paid for the swimming facility of the hotel already, must make sure we fully utilise it!
  • Snacks - they go cranky when they are hungry (me too!), so must stand-by some "fuel" to re-charge them (and myself).
  • Pillow / bolster  - I don't wish to go home at 10 pm just because the children cannot sleep without their smelly pillow / bolster.

Yay, we have booked the hotel stay on this coming Sunday! Wish me luck to have a smooth staycation!

Do you have other tips on planning staycation with young children?

We survived our first family staycation! Read about our adventure!
Stay - Resorts World Sentosa Hard Rock Hotel
Play - Resorts World Sentosa Hard Rock Hotel and Festive Hotel swimming pools
Eat - Hard Rock Cafe and Malaysian Food Street

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  1. Helpful hints for the parent. This is the baby step toward letting go of your children when they become adults. It'll come around sooner than you think.

    1. Agree with you Francene. Children just grow up too fast!

  2. Good luck on your travels, I hope it all goes to plan!

  3. Kids always adapt faster than us parent, we have too much worries and concerns :)
    Relax, give the kids a list of activities or sightseeing to choose, let them plan the itinerary.

    We used to let our kids pick a random MRT station, and we explore the nearby parks.
    Love your pillow\bolster cartoon haha,

    cheers, Andy (SengkangBabies)

    1. Thanks Andy for the tips! Your idea of exploring MRT stations is so interesting! Shall try out!

  4. I can relate! My youngest grandchildren are 2 1/2 & almost 3... they enjoy adventures, but don't enjoy sleeping away from home! The pillows should help, and LOTS of familiar food!
    Good luck!
    Thanks for visiting kings touch reiki!

    1. Thanks Dia! Really hope that my children can sleep well, especially my younger son!


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