Friday, November 29, 2013

Staycation: Hard Rock Hotel and Festive Hotel Swimming Pools Review

My plan was to visit the Port of Lost Wonder, but since the children discovered the swimming pool at Hard Rock Hotel, they were very eager to go there, so we dropped the initial plan.

It was drizzling at first, so not many people were there. But after the rain stopped, the big crowd started to appear!

I like the artificial sand beach at Hard Rock Hotel, so that we didn't need to travel to the beaches! Another plus point, the sands are not sticky, even when the children buried my legs with tons of sands, I could rinse off the sands easily.

Other than the beach, there is also a "river", and small pools next to the cabanas. Unfortunately, there were chains closing off the cabanas, so we couldn't use them.

For young children, there is a water playground and a slide.

We didn't have a sip at the pool side bar. I was afraid that Pei Pei and Hao Hao would be drunk.

The depth of the pools varies up to 1.2 m, so watch out for the signs at the pool's edge or you "test" the water first before letting the children to walk / swim.

There are changing rooms next to the pool, the hotel guests - including those from other RWS hotels - can loan the towels and locker key from the towel station.

On the next day, we visited the swimming pool at Festive Hotel.

Though there is towel station, unlike Hard Rock Hotel, there are only one male and one female changing cubicles.

It is less crowded, I guess it is because everyone is at Hard Rock Hotel swimming pool!

The children pool which is 0.5 m deep is great for young children. There is another pool which is 1.2 m deep.

There is also a water playground.

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  1. The scenery and equipment looks wonderful. I can see the joy on your children's faces. I particularly like the white sand under palm trees. And the cabana. Wow! What luxury.

    1. Francene, I love the scenery too. My children enjoyed very much.

  2. nice getaway, might check it out

  3. I love the look of the hotel & how content do your children look?


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