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Staycation: Resorts World Sentosa Hard Rock Hotel Review

Mission accomplished! We have survived our very first family staycation! I DID remember to bring Pei Pei and Hao Hao's bolsters (See this post for my planning for the staycation). 


I forgot to bring my own facial wash for my sensitive skin! So my face suffered quite a bit for two days under the sun and without the facial wash...


We have our first staycation at Resorts World Sentosa Hard Rock Hotel. There was a promotion of S$230+ for one night Deluxe Twin room stay. As compared to the standard rate of S$300-500+, it was really a good deal! 

We drove to Sentosa on Sunday.

To those of you who are driving to Resorts World Sentosa, keep to the left lane on the Causeway leading to Sentosa. After turning down to Resorts World Sentosa, keep to the right lane that leads to B1 Carpark. Look out for the signs so that you can park your car at the right zone - the carpark is super big, parking at the wrong area means you need to walk a longer distance!

We reached Hard Rock Hotel at about 1 pm. Although I knew that the check-in time is 3 pm, I thought we could try our luck. However, our room was not ready yet. My plan was to have lunch first, then to visit Port of Lost Wonder. However, the children saw the swimming pool and they wanted demanded to go to the pool first. So we put our luggage in our car, and let them swim first. Read more about the swimming pool of Hard Rock Hotel in this post.

  • Lesson learnt #1: No plan may be the best plan! Let the children have a say in what they want to do!

Although the staff said that they would give us a call when the room was ready, after the swim and lunch, my phone did not ring at all. So we headed back to the hotel at 3 pm. There was a super long queue at the check-in counter. As I had already registered at 1 pm, I queued at the "Key Collection" queue, which also took a while before I collected our room key.
  • Lesson learnt #2: Avoid the check-in crowd at 3 pm! 

If you are driving, remember to collect the complimentary car park coupon from the Concierge. We parked the car at about 1 pm on Sunday, and exited at about 1+pm on Monday, the parking fee would worth S$26!
  • Lesson learnt #3: One complimentary car park coupon is issued per room per night within the hotel stay period. Take note that the coupon can be used for only one exit. So if you are staying for one night, and you decide to drive out of the RWS car park to somewhere else, upon returning to RWS car park, the car park charge applies. Also remember to remove the cashcard from your IU upon exit, as you will be charged! Scan the complimentary the bar code on the car park coupon at the exit gantry, do not insert it into the slot above the scanner.

By the way, just to share that you need to pay deposit of S$100 upon checking-in. I chose to use my credit card since we didn't bring enough cash. Only later when I checked with the staff that it would take 14 to 21 working days for the deposit to be credited back to my credit card. Anyway, I received the credit back one week later.
  • Lesson learnt #4: Don't be kancheong spider (panicky) like me when you find that your credit available went "missing" for a few days.

I "thick-skinned-ly" asked the staff whether there were goodies bags for the children, as I read reviews on Festive Hotel which would give upon request. The staff gave me an apologetic smile and replied, "No."
  • Lesson learnt #5: Hard Rock Hotel, unlike Festive Hotel, does not give out goodies bags for children. 

Ok, we shall go to check out our room!

There are many memorabilia in the hotel.

Make a guess where Pei Pei was?

She was in the guest lift!

Even 5-year-old Pei Pei knew how to open the door!

Take a deep breathe, I am going to show you the room for the rock stars!

Switch on the TV, and you'll see "Welcome (your name)".

There are complimentary bottles of mineral water, as well as coffee and tea making facilities.

Check out the bathroom! I love the raindrop shower head!

Does it look like the backstage dressing room for the celebrities? On the right side is a two-way wardrobe! Look at the symbolic guitar amenity tray!

Apple (the non-edible ones) lovers, you can enjoy your music from your iPhone, iPad and iPod on the iHome system. Note that the dock is for iPhone 4, not suitable for iPhone 5. This also functions as an alarm clock.

Talking about this, how I wish the Wi-fi is free of charge, so that I can stream some music - my iPhone is currently music-less.

Just wonder whether the door to the balcony was designed to be locked? We couldn't open the door at all. Anyway, this gave me peace of mind, as I knew that the Fearless Four Hao Hao would love to climb out of the balcony!

We had sort-of-sea-view from our room! Adventure Cove was right in front of us.

At night, the cable cars turned into twinkle twinkle little stars!

Though there was no toy in the room, they managed to have fun by building a tunnel and jumping from one bed to another!

Pei Pei and Hao Hao said that the room was nicer than our home, and they wanted to move to this place!

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  1. Amazing photos. I agree with your children--that place demands you stay longer. It's wonderful. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. The Elvis costume doesn't look too splendid though, does it?

    1. Francene, how I wish to stay longer, however it is really expensive. Agree with you that Elvis costume does not look really splendid.

  2. Thanks for sharing the lessons that you learned during your staycation. It does look a wonderful hotel though and hope it was worth those lessons--it looks it from those smiles.

    1. Lexi, it was quite a pleasant stay though. Hope to have another staycation in the near future!

  3. it's amazing sentosa
    nice information

    1. nininghandayanis, thanks for dropping by our blog!


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