Monday, December 2, 2013

10 Tips on Childproofing Your Home

"Noooooooooooooooo!!!" You scream at three octaves higher than your usual speaking voice.

Your little one finds it amazing that his / her little fingers fit nicely into the holes of an electrical outlet. It seems so fun to them, but it is so terrifying to you!

Young children love to explore. Things that are harmless / innocent to us can be great dangers to them. So it is always better prevent mishaps from happening.

Here are some childproofing measures that we have in our home.

Electrical outlet cover
It is not a matter of getting a bomb hair style. So cover the electrical outlets, and make sure that the covers do not drop out easily!

Door stop
Your little one is playing hide-and-seek with you and attempts to shut you in your room. No way! Ok, that's not the main function of the door stop. It prevents your little one's fingers from being injured when the door slams on the fingers accidentally.

Corner protectors
When we were going to get married, we were so fascinated by the idea of "our new home", we shopped for furniture that were practical, as well as looked nice. Did we think about safety aspect? Well, I think I did, a bit - I decided not to have a table with glass panel. Actually I didn't quite like the idea of looking at my fat thighs while having my meal. Our TV console, dining table, writing tables (which now become their toy storage place) - all have sharp corners. The solution? Just put on corner protectors!

Window grills and locks
These are must-have at home with young children! I heard that some people don't install the window grills because the beautiful view will be blocked. But what is more important? Beautiful view or beautiful life?

Cordless window blinds / curtain
It is not fun to play hangman at home.

Kitchen door / gate
When Pei Pei and Hao Hao were younger, the kitchen was the "Forbidden City" to them. To block them from entering the kitchen, while to assuring them that I was still around (small children may think that no see = not there), the kitchen door with transparent acrylic material was perfect.

Medicine box / detergents out of reach
Paracetamol is not strawberry juice! Make sure all medication and detergents are kept in a far far away land from the little ones!

Positioning of TV away from the edge
Sometimes when the children are too fascinated by the TV program, they may walk close to the TV and pull it down. So place it further away from the edge, so their short arms cannot reach it!

Non-slip mat in toilet
Bubbles time! The little one gets excited and jumps! But the floor is slippery! A non-slip mat on the floor and in the bath tub would prevent slipping.

Photo frames / fragile decors up and away
We have large photo frames in our living room. Pei Pei and Hao Hao love to point at the photos and exclaim that I WAS (yes, past tense) a princess last time. So we hang the photo frames high up so that they would not drop the frames and hurt themselves. The fragile decorations that we once placed on the shelves in our rooms are now in the "Cold Storage" (store room).

What are your tips on childproofing your home?

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  1. The acrylic door to the kitchen is brilliant. Did you build your own, or do they sell that type of product where you live? I would love to find something like that for my home!

    1. Karin, I hired a contractor to install the acrylic door for us. It is better than glass door, which is dangerous if it is broken.

  2. Great post, very useful information. I like your kitchen door, it's a great idea.

    1. Thanks Beverly! Glad that the information is useful to you :)


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