Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Hospital Delivery Bag @ Thomson Medical Centre

"I see you at the hospital at 11pm." said my gynecologist.

Gulp. It was 6pm when I had my medical appointment. Another 5 hours to prepare for the delivery of my first child.

I was glad that my hospital bag was packed when I was about 34-week pregnant, so after the appointment, we had our last dinner as a family of two (at a fast food restaurant) without having to turn the whole house upside down to pack that hospital bag.

When I was carrying my second child, I prepared the bag even earlier. You know, with an elder child around, it was better to prepare things in advance.

I delivered my two children at Thomson Medical Centre, they provide a baby bag, baby vest, disposable diapers, basic toiletries (travel pack of shower gel, shampoo), a wrapping blanket and a pair of mittens. Baby wipes, disposable diapers, diaper cream, sterile cotton balls and hand sanitizer are also provided but are chargeable by the hospital. So basically, there is nothing much to bring for your newborn.

I remember bringing a set of baby clothes, mittens, socks and wrapping blanket for my first baby, but they were brought home untouched! So when I packed my hospital bag for my second childbirth, my bag was lighter! 

My hospital delivery bag checklist:

  • Identification cards - my own and my husband's, for registration
  • Birth plan - I didn't really have a written plan, it is a reminder for myself - listen to the advice and instructions by the doctors!
  • Receipts from pre-delivery medical expenses such as consultations and ultrasound scans - submit these during registration for claiming Medisave. You may find the amount claimable from Ministry of Health website
  • Camcorder / camera - must capture the precious moments of the opening ceremony... I mean the first photo and video of my baby
  • Music player - to play soothing music for the poor-mummy-in-pain and the nervous daddy
  • Sweaters - my own and my husband's. It can be quite cold in the delivery ward
  • Cord blood kit - remember to remind the obstetrician about storing the cord blood
  • Toiletries - though Thomson Medical Centre provides a travel pack of shower gel and shampoo, I prefer to use mine 
  • Sanitary pads - I couldn't figure out how to use the maternity loops provided, so I brought the long and thick sanitary pads.
  • Clothes - two sets for staying in the hospital - loose fitting top with front buttons so that it is easier to breastfeed the baby. One set for going home, unless you don't mind going home in your pyjamas 
  • Bras (unwired) - don't tell me you are stepping out of the hospital without wearing one!
  • Disposable panties - during this period of heavy blood flow, disposables ones would avoid the hassle of washing
  • Bedroom slippers - for walking around in the ward.
  • Inflatable float - I'm not kidding. Of course, it is not meant for swimming immediately after delivery. It is really painful to sit on a surface after natural delivery, so the float helps a lot!
  • Mobile phone and charger - to notify the whole world about the arrival of the king / queen 
  • Contact number of confinement lady - "Hello Auntie xxx, you need to start work after two days, thanks!"
  • Plastic bags - to contain the dirty clothes
  • Snacks - mainly for the husband. I was not allowed to eat after administering epidural
  • A soft toy for my second childbirth - not for myself to squeeze during the labour process. It was the present from my newborn to his elder sister!

What else would / did you pack in your hospital delivery bag?

p.s. Oh, you ask about the bill size and experience about my "staycations" at Thomson Medical Centre? Find out more in this post.

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  1. Confinement, now there is a word we don't hear very often in the states. I remember fondly packing my bag over 25 years ago now! Those were exciting times! Just like you, I took things that never got used.

    1. Karin, confinement is a common practice in Singapore. This post was kept in my draft for 4 years, and I still feel the excitement about packing the bag! I don't intend to pack another time though...

  2. Well, I hope one day to be able to have the privilege to pack a hospital delivery bag!

  3. A small swimming float! haha because I heard that if you have a tear, it helps you sit better. Didn't get to use it though :)

    1. Estella, the float really helped me a lot! I sat on it for a week!


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