Wednesday, December 11, 2013


He loves his wife and his children unconditionally.

He tolerates his wife's nonsense, and talks sense to her. Though sometimes not appreciated, he continues to give his best advice to her.

He occasionally has disagreements with his wife, but they would make up within 24 hours.

He does most of the household chores without complaints, and teaches his wife how to use the vacuum cleaner without scratching the floor / to arrange the wet dishes on the dish drainer without remaining wet 24 hours later / to mop the floor without leaving stains.

He plays an important role in the growing up journey of two children by being the loving father. 

He is an expert in diaper changing, he has good knowledge in breast pumps, he knows where to buy the milk powder and other groceries at a lower price.

He appeared as "Dear" in the earlier posts in this blog, and now he is known as "DaDi".

MaMi wants to tell DaDi: Thank you for your love! Happy Seven-year-no-itch! Oh I mean, happy 7th anniversary!

p.s. Technically, we are legally married for 7+ years as our registered our marriage in February, but as Chinese, I think the anniversary for traditional Chinese wedding ceremony is more significant.

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