Thursday, December 5, 2013

Taking Young Children to Movie Theater

Many of my friends take their young children, and even babies to movie theater, with absolute pleasant experience.

I thought I could do that too. Unfortunately, our first movie date did not turn out very smoothly.

Why did that happen?

There are my thoughts in preparation for a more pleasant experience in movie theater next time.

Choice of Movie

Our first movie date was a treat, so I didn't have a say in the choice of the movie. While Pei Pei found the movie quite enjoyable, Hao Hao could not really appreciate it, because he did not understand what was going on.  I think the poor audience in front of us had heard Hao Hao saying "I want to go home" a few million times throughout the whole movie.

So if we are going for movie next time, I will choose one that they like.

But how would I know whether they would like it?

First, the story outline has to be something that piques their interest.

Second, check the trailers and online reviews, or talk to other parents who have watched the movie. Sometimes, even G rated movies may consist parts that are confusing or scary to the children, so knowing the movie in advance may be a good idea. I know, it may be a spoiler to myself, but I hope my children would enjoy the movie, which would be translated into less suffering for myself during the movie!

Third, show the children the trailer, and make a judgement whether the movie date is on!

Do also check the duration of the movie, young children have short attention span, so forget about bringing them to watch The Lord of the Ring which would give you 3+ hours of misery. Or it could be only 15 minutes of misery, as your little one has dragged you out of the movie theater! 

Explain What are Expected in the Movie Theater

"Wahh!!" Thanks to the supreme sound system. You know, the part when the power of the sound system is demonstrated, just before the movie is shown? My children were unprepared and were shocked by the power!

"Wahh!!" They were shocked again when the lights were dimmed.

Ok, that was my fault, for not telling them the expectations in the movie theater beforehand.

In addition, I could have reminded them to keep quiet, or to whisper when they wanted to talk.

Be Prepared to Visit Washroom More Than Once

Yes, I did bring them to the washroom before the movie started. Somehow, their bladders suddenly shrank in size during the movie date.

Before I had children, I always chose the centre seat for the best view. How could I do the same thing with my children? Silly me! I felt so apologetic to the audience who kept giving way for us to go out. Next time, I must remember to choose seats along the aisle!

Pop Corns? Yay or Nay?

When I made pop corns at home, I would remove hard kernels before serving my children, because those hard kernels can be choking hazards.

As our first movie date was a treat, we received complimentary pop corns. There was no point of return, as they held tightly to the pop corns as if there was super glue on the packaging. So I could only remind them to spit the hard kernels.

If any of you know which snack outlets in the movie theaters have such additional service of removing the hard kernels, please let me know, ok?

Movie Time = Nap Time / Meal Time = You are Very Brave

This simple equation, well, I think it is self-explanatory. The cranky children would simply destroy the movie date!

Skip the 3D

If your children enjoy wearing the 3D glasses, then there is no issue. But I know that my children do not really like to wear those 3D glasses. Honestly, I don't really like it too. I feel giddy after watching 3D shows.

Hope our next movie date will be a more pleasant one!

Do you have any tips on taking young children to movie theater?

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  1. thanks for alarming in advance :) having company for kids is the best way as per my knowledge.

    1. Yes, Amarnaik. It is also good to talk to the children about the movie after that.

  2. Oh dear! Maybe watching a film at home might be best!

    1. Thanks Sophie for the idea! I wish my TV is bigger and have a nice sound system (sold the old one a few years ago) to create the movie theater at home!


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