Thursday, January 9, 2014

10 Signs that You are a Parent of Preschooler

Do you do these on a regular basis?

1. Answer more than 1000 "Why" questions in a day

2. Make a house / car / person using Lego / building blocks

3. Change into more than 10 different voices while reading a single story.

4. Queue up for more than 20 minutes for shopping mall shows / photo taking of cartoon characters

5. Sing the theme songs (e.g. Thomas & Friends) perfectly / dance to Hi-5 theme song

6. Shopping / window-shopping at children's section of book shop or departmental store

7. Scream "Be careful of bicycle!" when the cyclist is far far away 

8. Run after your child at the speed of Olympics sprinter while you are carrying heavy bags / wearing heels

9. Make tons of handicrafts before Teachers' Day and Christmas

10. Pack goodies bags before your child's birthday

If your answers to the above are all "Yes", congratulations! You are a parent of preschooler(s)!

Being a parent of preschoolers makes me relive my childhood again!

p.s. I answer 1000 x 2 "Why" questions a day since I have two preschoolers!

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  1. Your post brought back memories of my kids in their pre-school days. Have fun this phase - each phase brings on different joys and different challenges. Dropping by from UBC.

    1. Thanks Suzy! Agree with you - different phase brings different challenges and joys!

  2. Replies
    1. Carol, that is a good form of exercise for me!

  3. Cute! I remember it was so much fun being a pre- scholar. Every day is for playing when you're a toddler/ young child :)

    1. Sophie, this phase of life is really enjoyable!

  4. No. 3 - LOL, so true for my family. When hubby was overseas for long periods, I was the one doing the story-telling. Then when my hubs came back, my son cried because he wasn't used to his story-telling voice and sounds! Btw, I think all the points you mentioned will carry on into primary school! :-)

    1. Agy, lol! Oh so I still have to queue for the mall shows for another few years?!


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