Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Useful Bento Tools

In attempt to make meal time more interesting for my children, I have been trying to make simple bento. It is also a tactic to make them eat food that they don't like!

From just two lunch boxes, my collection of bento tools has grown over two years!

Here are some tools which I find useful in bento-making:

Bento Boxes / Lunch Boxes
A must-have to bring the meal out of home.

Moulds / Cutters
Other than making cookies, these moulds can be used to cut the shape of bread, cheese, carrots, ham, egg sheet, etc, and to make rice balls.

Drinking straws can also be used as cutters to cut small circles.

If there is no compartment in the lunch box, then the dividers can be used to separate the meat from the vegetables and fruits. These serve to decorate the bento too.

They function like the dividers to compartmentalise the food. They are especially useful to contain food with gravy.

Food Picks
Not just for decorative purpose, these food picks are also functional for children to pick up food, and to secure food like sandwich rolls.

Egg Moulds
These make the hard-boiled eggs look more appealing. Put the de-shelled hard-boiled egg into the mould, and place in the refrigerator for 5 minutes. I bought these moulds from Daiso, the size is suitable for eggs that weigh about 60 grams each. Eggs that are smaller would not take on the shape nicely.

Nori (Seaweed) Punchers
Adding a smiley face on the food makes the children happy!

Oh, where did I buy these bento tools? Most of them are from Daiso! (No wonder I can shop at Daiso for more than an hour!)

What are the bento tools that you find useful?

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  1. I love the idea of Bento Boxes for lunch and using cookie cutters to make sandwiches look more appealing to eat!

    1. Carol, thanks! The children can also learn to make their own sandwiches with the cutters!

  2. What great tricks to make children's food look inviting. You must be the master of disguise. How long do you plan to do this? I can picture the children as teenagers, nibbling a heart shaped slice of carrot. ;-)

    1. Good questions, Francene. I guess I would make as long as they love it!

  3. Aww! They're such a cute idea for your children. I love the Bento storage boxes- they look very sturdy :)

    1. Sophie, I love one of the boxes which can be folded when it is not in used (the one on the top right hand corner in the photo). It saves a lot of space!

  4. I love these finds and putting them in my kids' lunch. They are always the topic of conversation at their school.

    1. Stefanie, it is great that your kids would enjoy the lunch boxes!

  5. I love bento boxes for lunches and just for storage. I especially love the egg molds. I will have to find some.

    1. Marie, I bought mine from Daiso in Singapore. I think you may find the tools from online shops.


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