Wednesday, February 5, 2014

From Not-Co-Sleeping to Co-Sleeping

B.C. (Before Child), we enjoyed our beauty sleep on a beautiful mattress which was the most expensive furniture in our house.

A.C. (After Child), things change dramatically...

When Pei Pei just arrived, we put her cot next to me. As I am a super light sleeper, I jumped out of the bed with every single soft sound she made. Together with the fatigue and anxiety as a first-time mother, I developed an intense pain in my chest. So we decided to put her in another room.

We did not use baby monitor. As I said, I am a super light sleeper, and am a good detector for baby's cry. Somehow, we took turn to go over to Pei Pei's room whenever she woke up and cried in the middle of the night. 

Why didn't you bring her to your bed?

I hear your question. Somehow, we were afraid that we would cause injury to her if she slept with us.  

Hao Hao arrived in the following year. 

As Pei Pei stayed with her grandparents on weekdays, Hao Hao slept in his own room. Same thing happened, we took turn to go over to his room whenever he woke up and cried in the middle of the night.

On weekends when Pei Pei came home, then we moved Hao Hao's cot into our room. By then I had overcome the "heart attack" made by baby's sound.

I couldn't recall what exactly happened, but we decided that it was time for each of them to have their own room. You may have guessed correctly, this was what happened at night. 

This is considered as normal. There were times when I slept in Hao Hao's room, then suddenly went over to Pei Pei's room when she cried, then I went back to Hao Hao's room when it was his turn to cry, then... I didn't know where on Earth I was in the middle of the night.

On abnormal day, we were so fortunate to land in our bed eventually.

Last year, we thought it would be a good idea to put them in the same room. So when one or both of them cried in the middle of the night, this happened.

One fine day, Hao Hao realised that he could actually come over to our room without being chased away - because of various reasons that I wrote in another post.

Do you remember the episode of haze during June last year? All of us slept in our room and switched on the air-conditioner. This saved the electricity and hence $$ by switching on only one air-conditioner. 

Suddenly one day, they insisted that they wanted to sleep in the living room. I really had no idea what was so attractive about sleeping in the living room! They abandoned their beds, and slept on their mattresses.

Recently, they insisted that they wanted to sleep in our room. So this is the current situation.

We know that it is just a passing phase. One day, they would ask for their own rooms, new beds, new mattress covers, and perhaps, some wall decorations with their favourite characters.

I shall savour this moment. 

Look like it is a perfect situation?

Not really, sometimes.

When DaDi has to work on some nights, it stages the N-th world war.

I hear some questions (and perhaps some exclamations) from you again.

Q: Wah, according to your floor plan, your house is so big / small!
A: The floor plan is not drawn to scale.

Q: Does DaDi wear spectacles when he is sleeping?
A: Yes, sometimes. He wants to take a 5-minute-nap, and ends up k.o. for 5 hours.

Q: How come two of you shiver when you sleep with your children in their rooms / living room? You could have bought mattresses!
A: We believed that we would end up on our bed eventually.

Q: You have not read "so-and-so-guide-for-sleeping-training-your-baby"? What you have done are not according to those guides!
A:  We believe that they would fall asleep without our presence one day. Definitely not one day before Pei Pei's wedding / Hao Hao's enlistment into NS.

In fact, I have successfully sleep-trained myself recently. I can sleep soundly even when they cry!

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  1. Very amusing pictures. Yes. You've reached a good conclusion--train yourself to sleep through the babies' crying. I must have been a hard mother. I placed my first crying baby in a room on the other side of the house at night. My excuse was that I would be fresh to deal with him the following day. UBC.

    1. Thank you Francene! I think the best solution is to sleep-train myself!

  2. I love those drawings! So funny! Lol at the sleeping in living room!

    1. Thank you Motherkao! I just can't understand why they like to sleep in the living room!

  3. "In fact, I have successfully sleep-trained myself recently. I can sleep soundly even when they cry!"
    This is so funny!

  4. This is something that I don't have to deal with yet...

    1. Nick, good for you that you don't have to deal with it now!

  5. Lol!! This is very funny! Kudos to you and family for going thru so many transition. I lol the most at ur children sleeping in their own separate rooms!

    Ur drawings are great!

    1. Ting, thank you! That's why I have to document all these transitions before I forget, so many changes!

  6. haahaahaa... Totally love the bit about sleep training yourself!

    1. Irene, haha, I am glad that I have sleep-trained myself!

  7. LOL, this is so cute. I love the shivering and the tossing n turning on the bed.


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